Caleb W.

Posted by Ivy Griggs on

"Hardwired to the conscious stream. Kind, gentle, aware, & connected. These are the concepts that arise for me when I think on Angel. I recently did work with Angel, and my experience was impactful. New to the medium and method, I was cautious and curious. Upon hearing her first words, I felt safe, secure, and able to receive.
The meditation and subsequent reading were specific and hard to ignore. As I washed myself in the feelings of safety I was guided by her to concepts that were present, and plainly so, to those that were upcoming. Energetically each thought was so unique, as to not be confusing. I always felt I knew where my feet were, where I stood in time. I encourage anyone seeking to extend a kindness onto themselves or others to consider Angel. To allow this incredible being to reveal that which is yours. I'm so glad to have reconnected with this amazing soul, reminding me Angel has always been the same empathic, kind, soul that she is today." - Caleb W.